Canine Intact
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Canine Intact
Canine Intact
1 bottle contains 90 servings

Canine Intact is the only supplement available that has the right mix of ionic minerals and a synergistic herbal blend that fills the void left by even the best pet foods. Processed and cooked foods have lost the naturally occurring enzymes dogs require for complete digestion. Commercially prepared food, even the best brands, often lack critical trace minerals because they are absent from the ingredients. Canine Intact's unique blend will improve both digestion and the absorption of minerals. The end result is a healthier and happier dog!

Breeders rely on Canine Intact to provide nutritional support to their dogs throughout the reproductive process. To keep their dogs show ready with shiny coats, bright eyes, and healthy skin, a regular regimen of Canine Intact is standard. Both professional breeders and casual owners alike rely on Canine Intact to provide their dogs with the best nutrition available.



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One bottle of Canine Intact contains a full 3 month supply for your dog. This product is also available in bulk packaging for breeders and vets that contains 630 servings, which is a one month supply for 21 animals.

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