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My bride of thirty-two years had been plagued by constipation for six to seven years. Having had several colonoscopy’s and an internal photo shoot. ( swallowing of a small camera) It remained a mystery. The only thing that offered any relief was a herbal tea.
I had been introduced to Marc by a mutual businessman. As a result of our conversation I decided to listen to his 45 minute You-tube radio interview. In that interview Marc touched on muscle movement in the colon. Well, it is said, happy wife, happy life. I decided to purchase some Intact Digest and try it on myself. I could see and detect the benefit in my intestinal track so I decided to spring it on the bride. It was a slow start. She was not very optimistic at first. I diplomatically encouraged her to stick with a twice a day regiment. After three bottles of Intact Digest , I am happy to report that my bride confided in me that my friends stuff is working. My requirements to make tea have decreased. This is just another example of GODS natural remedies.
My daughter, now 8, had her large intestines removed at birth. Since then she has had liver disease, gall bladder removal and kidney stones. As a Mom raising her child alone, I have had to insert a feeding tube down my daughters' nose, been told that she may or should not live due to the disease (necrotizing enterocolitis), been put on TPN which you eventually can die from and had to practically force feed my child from not developing chewing/swallowing abilities as a toddler. At 8 now, she has come far but still has been chronically constipated and suffer from stomach aches and really bad gas. Complications from intestinal issues are chronic constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and vomiting. She has been on another product for 3 to 4 years now and every now and then it doesn't work so the doctor's best advice is to give her a lot more. Recently she had been constipated for 4 months.....I have the x-rays to prove it!!!!! Tired of yet again administering more of another product that I knew did not really work well, as a last resort I went to a health food store. They said that they knew what was happening could be fixed. Very skeptically, and at the suggestion of Marc and Jill and the health food store, I tried a combination of Intact Digest combined with Intact liver and Colon as well as a high dose of probiotics. I gave this to my daughter for 3 weeks, promising in the 4th week to go get another x-ray to see if it helped. My daughter had not been coming to me in a couple of weeks complaining about stomach aches. She didn't have all of the gas she had before she started this new regimen. I HAD to see what was going on so week 3 we went for an x-ray. The nurse called me the next day to tell me that my daughter no longer had the blockage! I was thrilled for her and thrilled for me for taking that step to be so fed up with traditional medicine and doctors to try "black magic" and unproven methods as they refer to it that worked! I also notice that her teeth are less yellow and her breath is not as bad and the rash on her face is diminishing ( I am told that this is due to malabsorption issues). Thank you so much to Marc for easing my worries and educating me on these God given products...THEY WORK!
I am an Intact Nutrition believer. I started taking Intact Digest about 5 years ago. I did not immediately notice any improvements, or changes. About 6 months into it I noticed I wasn’t getting any sinus infections, you see, I got 8 infections the prior year, and was on antibiotics 80 of 365 days, I started believing.
The next thing I noticed was at work. I have a work desk opposite my computer desk. When I phoned a customer, I would have to get the phone number from my computer, go to my work desk, and call them. It seemed I always forgot part of the phone number. Suddenly I was remembering the whole number. I also am a person who has really never been a book worm. I find myself reading my 199th mystery novel in 20 months. I can’t get enough. The only change to my life has been Intact Digest. It has to be improving my mental acuity.
I also notice I was losing unnecessary weight, as I wasn’t eating a lot of junk. I remembered the Intact byline, “ It isn’t what you eat, It’s what you absorb”. Thank you intact.
Lastly I’ve been a runner since 1972, when I took off 100 lbs. Since that time it has been getting a little tedious. I started taking all sorts of “Energy” supplements, with chemicals I couldn’t explain. I wanted something natural, I wanted to stay healthy. After all I have never gotten an illness, and I’ve only been to the Doctor’s office for sinus infection, poison ivy, and my yearly checkup. I’m 62 and don’t see a need to mess that up. I turned to Intact Endurance. I boosted my miles from 9 to 15/20 per week, and move at a faster pace, without losing my air. I sometimes think Intact Nutrition is turning back the hands of time. I now have added Yoga, and weight lifting to my exercise regimen and I feel better at 62 than I did at 45. I may not understand the T-cell, B-cell assimilation, and the effects on the liver, kidney, and heart, but I feel great. I don’t look 62, and I hope to enter a half marathon, when Intact sponsors one. If I could, I’d add a picture so you could see what I mean.
To close, I believe that Intact products have super-charged my immune system, improved my memory, and gave me the ability to increase my physical workout regimen, well into my seventies and beyond. Thank you Intact nutrition.
I have been taking Intact Digest for about 3 years and was having trouble with absorbing foods such as protein and even vitamins. I have found that I am very regular now and I don't get sinus headaches or anxiety attacks as often, if at all. A side benefit is that my hair, skin and nails are the healthiest they have ever been. Which means that I am absorbing protein and nutrients. I like this product.
I am a single guy that works hard and probably drinks too much at some social and business functions.A friend of mine said to take 12 drops after 12 beers and you will wake up with no hang over.I couldn't believe it.I woke up feeling HUNGRY.Do not drink and drive but if you drink too much I guarantee you intact digest will remove your hang over every single time.
When I first called the company the ceo Marc answered the phone.He listened as I explained my health challenges.His enthusiasm,knowledge,and passion convinced me to try Intact Digest.Immediately,my energy level returned and my quality of life improved.I take my drops religiously and recently ordered a smaller 2 oz bottle when flying on business trips.I just wanted to say it really does work.
My dog became quite ill about 2 weeks ago and we were ready to put "Scooby" down scheduled for a Friday, he was not able to move, had multiple seizures and even fell into our canal (we live on the water). We started giving him Intact Digest and Intact Esophagus that Wednesday, 2 days prior to our putting "Scooby" down. I am absolutely amazed at the turnaround we witnessed with Scooby within 48 hour period. We put Scooby on some steroids and some Intact Digest and the results were amazing, so much so that I started to use it myself.

I was skeptical at first but must admit that I am now using Intact everyday and am feeling better myself, so much so my stamina, alertness and brainpower feels invigorated. I am a firm believer that Intact Products helped save Scooby's life and is making quite a change in my life as well.

Thanks to the team that introduced us to Intact and you have a fan for life.
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